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Coming Fall 2023

Discover Montana's Last Best Adventures

Off the Beaten Path


6+ hours

Alpine Immersion

With a nod to Wim Hof, we’ll hike to an ice-cold alpine lake, wade in—and then stay in, ‘till we can barely stand it. Shiver me timbers!


8+ hours

Down & Dirty

Montana's above-ground scenery is stunning, but its subterranean sights will take your breath away, too. Time to go deep.


8+ hours

Elevated Ascent

Beyond the popular cliffs and crags of Montana lies a vast expanse of untrammeled alpine terrain. Explore it—if you dare.


5+ hours

Downhill Dirt Dive

This one will make you face your demons—or find God. After a moderate uphill ride, we'll strap in, cinch down, and pucker up.

Find Your Frontier

Beneath the popular surface waters of Montana lies a vast reservoir of lesser-known outdoor opportunity. Mine this mystery with uncommon outings, eccentric adventures,

and extraordinary excursions into the beating heart of the Last Best Place.

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